Core Technology

Tianhecheng company has been founded for more than ten years

We have always been committed to the development and promotion of microencapsulation oil-in-water technology, and the microencapsulation technology is leading in the industry. Tianhecheng products have a unique process formula based on the characteristics of each raw material, so that the final product has extraordinary performance in terms of heat resistance, light resistance, oxygen resistance, etc., and its stability is particularly outstanding.

Core Technology

Technical Team

Tianhecheng's new quality inspection center has a group of experienced, skilled and innovative technical personnel, who can provide customers with fair and accurate testing data and excellent and reliable service. The existing R&D and technical personnel account for more than 32%.

  • 经验值-拷贝

    Rich experience

  • 业务1-拷贝

    Professional proficiency

  • 椭圆-2-拷贝-3

    Strong innovation ability

Technical Team

Basic Concepts of Microencapsule

  • What are microcapsules?

    Refers to a semi-permeable or sealed miniature “container” or “package” with a polymer-walled shell.

    What are microcapsules?
  • Microencapsulation

    The process of preparing microcapsules is called microcapsulation.

  • Microencapsulation technology

    The technique of embedding dispersed solid, liquid, or gaseous substances into tiny capsules using natural or synthetic polymer materials. Among them, the embedded material is called the core material, and the material that is microencapsulated by the embedded core material is called the wall material.

    Microencapsulation technology

Product Features

  • 1

    Powdered raw materials to improve solubility, fluidity and stability

  • 2

    Protect the core material, reduce volatility, prevent nutrient destruction and flavor loss

  • 3

    Control the release and action time of the core material

  • 4

    Mask the undesirable flavor of the core material (such as fishy smell, bitter taste, etc.), and dissolve and release the contents in the digestive tract to play a nutritional role